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In today’s turbulent economy the question is not whether or not to review your benefit program, but rather how to ensure that your business has explored all opportunities for efficiencies and cost control. Finding an experienced advisor to overcome these challenges is critical to realizing your strategic employee benefit goals.

ABIS delivers employee benefit solutions that mitigate your risk and improve your efficiency through strategic review of your benefit program needs and objectives.



Specifically, we examine your needs and deliver:

–   Strategic assessments to address rising health care costs.

–   Service reviews designed to simplify your benefits administration.

–   A comprehensive human resource and benefit compliance review, including health care reform analysis.

–   Strategic communications and benefit delivery tools to improve employee satisfaction with valuable health care benefits.

ABIS has helped hundreds of clients maximize their benefit dollars for over 15 years.  As you prepare to review your benefits strategy, please take the opportunity to consult with the California leader.