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The health care reform law—the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—has many complex requirements for employers and health plans. Many employers are starting to focus more attention on the ACA’s rules and, as a result, have more questions than ever.

How do you stay up to date on changes in legislation? What sources do you rely on for accurate and timely information?

ABIS has expanded its compliance department to provide its clients with a hub for upcoming health care reform developments.  Your broker will walk you through the steps your organization needs to take to ensure it is fully educated on the issues, and with a wide array of tools that we provide businesses have been able to confidently navigate the uncharted waters.

A partial listing of health care reform services ABIS provides:

→ Employer education, including legislative details, in-depth explanations of various provisions of the law and regular updates as new guidance is issued

→ Employee education, including how the new law will affect benefits

→ Notices and disclosures, including model notices and other resources issued by government entities as new guidance is released

→ A health care reform community forum to connect you to a network of fellow employers facing similar challenges and concerns