ABIS Concierge: Service At Another Level

Experience World Class Service with the ABIS Concierge

From group decision-makers to administrators and employees, ABIS makes sure everybody in your organization gets the white glove treatment

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Interacting with Employee Benefits Should Be Easy

ABIS makes sure its clients are sheltered from the burdens imposed
by insurance carriers, compliance issues and the employee benefits process

Full Service

From new hires to renewals, open enrollments and everything in-between, we guide everybody through the process until you’re satisfied

Strong Communication

We know that the more we communicate, the more we can accomplish.  We want to tackle initiatives and continue to improve your program

Tech Strong

We leverage technology to make you and your employees’ lives easier, and give your benefits program the look of a forward-thinking organization.


The system isn’t really setup for you and your employees to get what they want. ABIS helps cut against that grain, leveraging experience and relationships to protect your organization and get rid of red tape.

ABIS Concierge Service

Service is about total commitment to what is best for you and your employees

  • 1-on-1 Consultations for Employees
  • Employee Plan Selection
  • Claims Assistance
  • State and Carrier Level Grievances
  • Work-Life Balance Education
  • Video Hangouts
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance

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